Pandukeshwar is a beautifull little village in Chamoli District of Uttaranchal. The village is around 20 km from Joshimath and 25 km from Badrinath.

The place is associated with many legends from Mahabharata and people there will be happy to tell you everything in detail.

Village women

It is believed that King Pandu, the father of the Pandavas, performed penances here to atone for the curse he received for killing two mating deers. They were actually a sage and his wife who assumed the form of a deer while they mated in the forest. King Pandu, who was hunting in the forest, not knowing that, shot the male deer with an arrow. Before dying the sage cursed Pandu that he would also die if ever indulge in sensual pleasures.

In the village there is a temple dedicated to king Pandu and also another dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Latter is also called Yogadhyan Badri .

Yogabadri Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu

It is also said that five sons of Pandu, Pandavas, were born in this place.

Being cursed by a sage, king Pandu told his two wives, Kunti and Madri, about the incident in the forest. Then his wife Kunti told him about the boon she once recieved from the sage Durvasa by which she could invoke any God to visit her. To please the king she invoked first Lord Dharma and by him a first child was born. They named him Yudhisthira. Pandu was very happy so he requested Kunti to invoke another God. This time she invoked Vayu, God of the wind, and second son Bhima was born. Being the son of the Wind God, he was ment to be the most powerful and the most affectionate on the earth. Seeing his two sons, Yudhisthira and Bhima, Pandu wanted another son. This time Lord Indra was invoked. His son was named Arjuna who became a great hero like his father. After that Kunti instructed king’s younger wife, Madri, how to invoke God because she didn’t have any children. Madri invoked Ashvini-kumaras, two twin-Gods and so she was blessed with the twins, Nakula and Sahadeva.

Five Pandavas with their wife Draupadi


13 thoughts on “Pandukeshwar and how Pandavas were born

  1. Well, one day, in the season of spring which maddens every creature, the king went for a walk in the forest accompanied by his younger wife Madri. Being alone with his beautiful youthful wife and beholding all the blossoming flowers and bees, Pandu’s desire flamed up. Consumed by desire, the king forgot about everything and embraced his wife. United in intercourse with her he died because of the curse.

  2. Thanks for posting this. This is a very lovely place. In fact, Swami Ramanujacharya, the Sri Vaishnava Saint who lived from 1017 AD to 1137 AD had traversed the length and breadth of our great nation. His Holiness had stayed in this place for sometime before proceeding on yatra to Badrinath. This place is located on the ancient Badrinath route. There is a local temple dedicated to Sri Ranganath swami and also has idols of Swami Ramanuj. This is being looked after by Raghunath Ashram which has a Ram temple on the main road a few 100 yards from the checkpost.

  3. recently i visited pandukeswar and bishhnu prayag on way from badrinath to joshimath in sameday . really it’s nice village to spent a few hours . people are good and helpful every tourist can visit by bus or share taxi as i did

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