There are two Hanuman Chattis in Uttaranchal, one by Yamunotri and this one, between Joshimath and Badrinath, around 25 km from Badrinath and 10 km from Pandukeshwar.  This place is on the road to Badrinath so if you ever go there, don’t miss the chance to stop and see the temple dedicated to the great devotee of Lord Rama, Monkey-God Hanuman.


There is a story of how this place got it’s name, Hanuman Chatti. This version of the story I was told by the local people of Garhwal. In the Vana-parvan of Mahabharata there is a little bit different version of it.

While five Pandavas and their wife Draupadi were in exile in the forest and wandering around Himalayas, a beautiful lovely lotus flower came into Draupadi’s hand. Delighted with the beauty and heavenly fragrance of the flower, Draupadi requested Bheema to bring her more of them.

Bheema, always willing to fulfil every wish of his wife, went out in search for flowers. He wandered through the forest for a long time and saw many beautiful flowers but he couldn’t find the flower he was searching for. Then he reached the place known as Hanuman Chatti today. There he saw an old monkey lying across his path blocking the way with his tail. Bheema approached and tried to scare the monkey. But all in vain. Monkey just told him that no human was allowed to go further on this path. Bheema was irritated with old monkey’s talk and requested him once again to move. After a long discussion, monkey said that he is very old and weak and can’t move. So he asked Bheema just to move his tail and place it by the side then he can go forward. Bheema grabed monkey’s  tail and try to move it. He tried with both his strong hands but couldn’t move the tail even for an inch. He tried very hard but failed to move it.

Bheema and Hanuman

Ashamed and humiliated Bheema realized that he was not dealing with an ordinary monkey. Then he asked the old monkey to reveal his true identity. After seeing that Bheema’s pride was humbled he answered: “I am Hanuman, son of the Wind, your elder brother. ”  Realizing that the old monkey was Hanuman, Lord of the monkeys, who just wanted to teach his younger brother a lesson, Bheema realized his mistake and begged him for forgiveness. Hanuman blessed him and instructed him how to reach Kubera’s garden where he will find a flower he was searching for.


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