Vishnu Prayag

Smallest of all prayags is Vishnuprayag, the confluence of Alakananda and Dhauliganga. It is situated 10 km past Joshimath, on the Joshimath – Badrinath road at an elevation of 1372 m above see level.

There is a small temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is said that Narada Muni worshiped Lord Vishnu here. Inside the temple there is a deity of Lord Vishnu.

Small temple at Vishnuprayag

Deity of Lord Vishnu

From the temple, a stairway leads to the ghat at the confluence where Alakananda meets Dhauliganga. Dhauliganga is about 80 km long, rises at an altitude of 5000 m and meets Alakananda here, at Vishnuprayag. Alakananda, one of the two headstream of the Ganga, rises at the Satopanth glacier and flows about 190 km before meeting Bhagirati at Devprayag.

“Alakananda flows from the southern side of Brahmapuri. Passing over the tops of mountains in various lands, it falls down with fierce force upon the peaks of the mountains Hemakuṭa and Himakuṭa. After inundating the tops of those mountains, the Ganges falls down onto the tract of land known as Bharata which she also inundates. Then the Ganges flows into the ocean of salt water in the south. Persons who come to bathe in this river are fortunate.”

(Bhagavata-purana 5.17.9)


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