Devprayag is the most important of all prayags of Uttaranchal. It is the confluence of Alakananda and Bhagirathi which form the holy Ganga. From this place on the river is known by the name Ganges.

Confluence of Alakananda and Bhagirathi at Devprayag

It is also the second most important confluence in India, next to Allahabad where Yamuna, Ganga and Sarasvati are said to meet. Devprayag is about 70 km from Rishikesh at an elevation of 800 meters. It can be reached from Haridvar or Rishikesh by bus/car/bike.

Devprayag - view from the bridge

There is an ancient Raghunatha temple here with a 15 foot tall deity of Sri Raghunatha. It was installed about 1200 years ago and is one of the 108 divya desam (holy places) recognized by the South Indian saints Alvars.

Raghunatha temple

It is said that in Treta-yuga Rama and Lakshmana performed a sacrifice here to atone for killing Ravana. Behind the temple there is Rama’s stone throne.

Rama's stone throne

Woman devotee sitting near the Rama's stone throne


4 thoughts on “Devprayag

  1. Interesting that the architecture of Raghunath Temple looks somewhat similar to that of Kedarnath Temple. I had no idea that Devprayag was associated with Rama and his stone throne is very interesting. It appears that one can go and touch the stone throne. Is that right? Your pictures are lovely, especially 2nd from top.

    • You have noticed well the resemblance between Raghunath and Kedarnath Temple. It’s nothing unusual because most of the “ancient” temples in North India were built in the North Indian temple architecture style. A small square-shaped sanctuary with a spire (shikara) above. These two are the typical examples of North Indian arhitecture. You have probably noticed the same in the South – most of the temples follow the South Indian temple architecture. Pyramid shaped gates (gopuram) at north/south/east/west, pillard halls etc…

  2. Yes, you can go and touch the throne…there is no one around who will try to stop you. Altough I think the priests would be offended if someone sits on the throne.

  3. yes you can touch it,i am from devprayag. the place is very beautiful but due to its geography it has very less space to expand,so it is not developed like other shrines but it is one of the most hindu places.

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