Rudraprayag is a confluence where Mandakini from Kedarnath meets Alakananda from Badrinath. From there Alakananda continues her journey to Devprayag where she meets Bhagirathi.

The confluence

How it looks from the air

At this point the river is very forceful and moves very quickly.

Alakananda meets Mandakini

Taking bath in Ganga at all five confluences is considered highly auspicious. Ghat in Rudraprayag is very small and fenced because the river is very forceful.

Bathing ghat

The place is named after Rudra, an aspect of Lord Shiva. It is said that Shiva appeared here as Rudra to bless Narada Muni. Nearby is the place where Narada Muni is said to have performed austerities.

A bridge over Alakananda


One thought on “Rudraprayag

  1. Of all the prayags you posted on, this one is my favourite. I love its location, and the steep access to the confluence. The suspension bridge is beautiful too. It looks like an ancient lookout to the sea, only it is to the rivers, and somehow reminds me of a lighthouse. Hope to visit it one day.

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