There are some places that we like to visit again and again and again…

Last time when I visited Kanyakumari, I missed to see the sunrise. People say it’s much more beautiful than sunset. And I tought sunset was the most beautiful I have ever seen. So I had to come back and check. I got up at 4 am and went to the seashore…it was already crowded but the atmosphere was so beautiful that although being in the crowd it felt like I’m on some deserted island, far away from everything. And then slowly, at the sangam of three seas, the beauty appeared in front of my eyes…

4:20 am

4:30 am

4:35 am


4:36 am

4:38 am

6 am

9 am

10 am


11 am

11 am

Seeing the confluence of the three beautiful oceans – The Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, you can somehow feel the inner peace and the confluence of your inner oceans – mind, body and soul.


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