After the great battle of Kurukshetra the five Pandavas and their wife Draupadi decided to renounce their kingdom and started their journey towards the Himalayas. 

About three km from Mana Village is Vasudhara Falls and on the way you can see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Sonw capped peaks, misty mountains, valleys filled with flowers and gushing river streams. Vasudhara falls is a natural fall situated near the Mana village in Uttaranchal. It is an enchanting place with free flowing water coming down from a height of around 450 feet.

Just after crossing Bheem pul

In the Land of Gods

The trek from Mana to Vasudhara falls is an easy one and it takes about 1,5 hrs to reach Vasudhara. There are no shops/tea stallls on the way so it’s good to have some biscuits and water with you.

Himalayan cows

The path becomes steep after three kms. About 100 m before Vasudhara falls there is a small cave ashram where two young sadhus live. You can visit them and they will offer you a cup of tea. It is said that eight Vasus, sons of Ganga, did penances at this place.


The trekking way is usually sunny and it’s a good idea to bring a hat with you to protect yourself from the sun because you are at the high altitude. The tranquility of the place is amazing. Vasudhara falls drops from a height of 145 meters, but due to the height and the strong wind the water falls down like a shower of droplets.

Vasudhara falls

When you come closer, the view is spectacular. Apart from this natural beauty, Vasudhara Falls also has an interesting legend associated with it. It is believed that the water fall turns away from people who are not pure at heart and carry sinful thoughts or feelings.

From Vasudhara falls there is a good view of Satopanth glacier and Balakun peak, also known as Alakapuri, the home of the wealth god Kubera. The path goes all the way to the Satopanth lake.

View of Balakun from Vasudhara falls


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